Michael Stills

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HUSBAND – Michael Stills is a Southern California native who has always been drawn to the arts. His expertise in web design and consulting is often channeled towards making the world a better place.  Michael has a huge heart and has never met a stranger, and he is his wife Amy’s biggest champion.  Michael’s passion for helping others impacted by SCCC and LCCC gave him the idea to start DamnCancer as a hub for information and fundraising opportunities to fight this disease.  Michael and Amy live in Los Angeles with their cat.

Amy Stills

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WIFE – Before her cancer diagnosis in May of 2013, Amy was a normal woman in her thirties who worked a corporate job and loved to read, travel and run long distances.  You can now find her doing many of the things she loves, as often as possible, especially with her favorite person in the world, her husband, Michael.  Though she has always been a private person, her experience with SCCC convinced her (along with nudges from friends and family members) to share her story to help raise awareness and research funds in the fight against SCCC and LCCC.