Stefanie is 28 years old married and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA . She was diagnosed April 16 2013 with Small Cell Neuroendocrine Cervical Cancer stage 1b2 with a 7 cm tumor . After Stefanie completed 3 rounds of Cisplatin/Etoposide chemo , 25 rounds external radiation treatments , 5 internal radiation treatments and finished up with 4 rounds of a combo of Carboplatin and Taxol chemo  . On September 13, 2013 she had her 1 st clear scan post treatment .  September 2, 2014 Stefanie had what was her 4th clear scan after 1 year .

In her own words ” I am putting my faith in god that I am still cancer-free ! I am so thankful to be alive , for the support of my sisters along with my amazing family “.