But of course!

  • Think positive. Just because a side effect is common does not mean it affects everyone.  Hope for the best, and your body might just surprise you!
  • Give yourself a break, ask for help if you need it and know that the worst of it WILL end.
  • A great resource for preparing for chemo is a book called Chemo: Secrets to Thriving (from someone who’s been there) by Roxanne Brown.  Ms. Brown’s book is less than 80 pages long but provides a wealth of information on all aspects of cancer treatment, including dealing with side effects.
  • Getting enough calories during treatment is essential, but this can be a challenge. The American Cancer Society’s What to East During Cancer Treatment cookbook provides simple recipes that are organized by symptom, such as Nausea, Taste Alterations, Unintentional Weight Loss, etc.
  • Ask your doctor about prescription and over-the-counter medications you can take to counteract the side effects.  While these may not knock out the side effects completely, they can make you a lot more comfortable.
  • Join the SCCC and LCCC Sisterhood (if you are a patient) or Supporters group on Facebook to compare notes with others who are undergoing or are veterans of similar treatments.  These ladies are full of ideas!



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