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What are the common side effects of radiation?

Common short-term side effects of external radiation to the pelvic region include diarrhea, bladder discomfort, a sunburn-like rash (or dryness, peeling, itching, etc.), fatigue, most of which ease within weeks of finishing radiation.  These symptoms can usually be managed to … Continue reading

What are common chemo side effects?

Each patient tolerates chemotherapy differently, and there are several types of chemo that could be used, so there isn’t one set answer to this question.  In my (Amy’s) case, I was able to carry on my normal life with some … Continue reading

What types of chemotherapy are used?

Cisplatin or Carboplatin, used in combination with Etoposide, are often used as the first-line chemotherapy treatment for Small and Large Cell Cervical Cancer. There is no “standard” course of treatment due to the rarity of SCCC and LCCC, so oncologists … Continue reading

What is the prognosis?

This information is found on M.D. Anderson’s website. “Like most cancer, the prognosis depends on the stage of disease at the time of diagnosis. In one study of women with NEC of the cervix, 71% of patients were diagnosed … Continue reading