The team of DamnCancer welcomes you to our resource and fundraising site.

There could be many reasons you are browsing DamnCancer.  Maybe you have been just diagnosed, or maybe you have just learned that a loved one has this aggressive, nasty cancer.  Maybe you are one of the many kind-hearted souls that wants to donate to help the ladies stricken with this terrible disease.  Whatever the reason, you have probably been personally impacted or are at least curious about High-Grade Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Cervix, which includes Small Cell Cervical Cancer and Large Cell Cervical Cancer.  Because that is quite a mouthful, we have chosen to adopt the S/LCCC abbreviation throughout this site.

S/LCCC is uncommon, and an Internet search can uncover some confusing and also alarmist information about it.  Yes, this disease is scary, and the prognosis is much worse than the “normal” types of Cervical Cancer that can be traced back to HPV infection. However, gaining some basic information about the disease can help cancer warriors prepare themselves for battle.  DamnCancer provides a shortcut to up-to-date information on S/LCCC and can point to support resources that are available.  Sharing information on survivors of S/LCCC as well as some of the women who are fighting the disease can also be a helpful resource.

There is hope, and science may hold the key to preventing, detecting and curing S/LCCC.  DamnCancer provides a way for donor to actively participate in the quest to understand and ultimately annihilate S/LCCC. As awareness and fundraising opportunities materialize, they will be highlighted here.  Awareness is important, not just to fill the coffers needed to fund research efforts to save lives of those who have been diagnosed, but also to spread the word that not all cervical cancers begin with the HPV infection.   This is important because cervical cancer prevention and detection is now solely focused on HPV vaccination and detection, which will not save women from S/LCCC.

DamnCancer was born out of love.

This site was born out of love for my spouse Amy, who was diagnosed with Small Cell Cervical Cancer at the age of 37.  To me, DamnCancer is the beast that invaded my lovely wife, and my enemy.  But the desire to defeat this DamnCancer has grown into a dedication to helping women who have been diagnosed.

There are many challenges in life to face both good and bad and sometimes terrible, so live life to its damn fullest!